About Us

Hello! We want to tell a little about the new Ukrainian brand BORN. We produce backpacks, covers for skateboard, snowboard, wakeboard, sports bags, suitcases, waist bags, etc. What is our special feature? It's very simple - the BORN brand is represented by riders, and not just riders who like to skate on the board, but those who have already achieved a lot in the sport - Varvara Dolinina and Stefan Uskov. Their experience and knowledge enable us to manufacture covers and backpacks on an equal footing with other bourgeois companies and, thus, help develop extreme sports in Ukraine. Therefore, buying BORN, you buy yourself not only a good and quality thing, but also bring your contribution to the Ukrainian extreme. But that's not all! Also we can sew custom-made backpacks, covers, sports bags, etc., many want to keep their individuality. And in addition to everything, we are ready to listen to any suggestions in our direction to improve! BORN - made riders for riders!