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Suitcase Born blue

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Suitcase for fun travel. From each trip we bring a lot of emotions, but also gifts. To fit all the gifts, take a bigger suitcase ;)

In addition to spaciousness, the BORN suitcase is also very comfortable. Many handles from different sides that will help in any incomprehensible situation)

We make fabric suitcases because they are more practical. They don’t crack, the wheels don’t break, and there are more chances to shove the everything in.

Well, if something is still broken, we will fix it. After all, BORN suitcases have a one-year warranty!

- Material: Cordura
- Two large compartments
- Two pockets for documents and small things
- Color: black, blue
- Size: 74x37x30 (HxWxD)
- Volume 82 l.

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